Expert Golf Fitness Trainer changes the way golfers think about their body and the HUGE relationship it has with the way they swing their club and play the game....

Amazing Secrets Tour Pros have been using for years Discovered by an Average Golfer Adds upto 30 yards to Your Drives, Can Eliminate Hooks and Slices and Slash upto 8 Strokes off Your Game!!

Dublin Personal Trainer changes the way golfers think about their body and the HUGE relationship it has with the way they swing their club and play the game....

Amazing Secrets Tour Pros have been using for years Discovered by an Average Golfer Adds over 30 yards to Your Drives, Can Eliminate Hooks and Slices and Slash over 8 Strokes off Your Game!!

100% Guaranteed to Help Improve Your Body and Golf Game!

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At the Golf Conditioning Clinic I strive to provide the best in golf fitness and conditioning for all levels of golfers.
I have experience working with a host of Professional Golfers on the PGA Irish Regions Tour, Euro Pro Tour and many amateur golfers of various levels

  • Do you play golf with lower back pain?
  • Do you play with tightness in your hips, hamstrings and shoulders?
  • Do you find you have a problem with balance whilst taking a shot?
  • Do you feel you are not reaching your true golfing potential?
  • Would you like to discover your physical strengths and weaknesses?
  • Would you like to learn the exercise the pros are doing?
  • Would you like to be able to rotate better so that you can hit the ball further?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions then look no further, I will be able to help you with all of these common questions.

I specialise in helping

  • Reducing and preventing Lower back pain.
  • Improving scoring.
  • Increasing strength and power in golf specific muscles.
  • Improving mobility in hips and shoulders.
  • Improving consistency accuracy and distance.
  • Increasing flexibility in Golf specific muscles.
  • Improving core strength and stability for a balanced and stable swing.
  • Assist in injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Here at the golf conditioning clinic I will help you reach your true golfing potential by teaching you the exercises the pros already know!

Welcome to the Golf Conditioning Clinic.

My name is Garrie O’Neill. I am a Personal Trainer and I have been working in the fitness industry for the last 21 years. I have been following golf for over 25 years and playing for over 20 years.

In January 2010 I became a fully qualified TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor. You can find out more about Titleist Performance Institute at

I have been specialising in golf fitness and conditioning for over 20 years..

I train golfers of all skill levels, golfers from high to low handicap.
I help them reach their true golfing potential, this in turn allows them to compete at their maximum. Golf fitness and conditioning has become an extremely important component to any golfer who wants to complete at their best. 

The Golf Conditioning Clinic is the culmination of 25 years research and study of different exercises and training routines that are specific to golf.
I want to give all levels of golfer the best chance to reach their true golfing potential.
Together we will achieve this by working on golf specific exercises that improve their weaknesses and build on their strengths.

What some of our Golfers have to say

Royal Dublin Golf Club

I started attending Garrie’s group classes late in 2009, in order to help me strengthen my lower back and improve flexibility. Those classes convinced me that physical conditioning and flexibility could be a real help to me in playing consistent golf and perhaps even reaching my golfing potential (after all these years of trying)...
Since then I have been attending one-to-one sessions with Garrie at his facility in Swords. His comprehensive personal evaluation was a revelation and the personal program of exercises has greatly improved my flexibility, strength and golf game. I value the Accreditation that Garrie has with the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) and use their web site now from time to time. Garrie’s exercise routines are all tried and tested by the TPI and that gives me additional confidence that this approach is the correct one.

Having a definite goal (Golf) and the support and expertise of Garrie has meant that I have been motivated to carry out these exercises in a way that I have not been motivated by other exercise regimes. I have dipped in and out of various exercise routines over the years, but thanks to Garrie’s genuine interest in me, my game and my goals, this is the first exercise program that I have found truly motivating. Working with Garrie each month maintains that motivation and the results are starting to come.

Brian Hewson 6 Handicap

Garrie has helped me identify, understand and target physical limitations, which could affect my ability to use my body efficiently in my swing. His knowledge of the body and how it works in the golf swing is impressive and the exercises he has shown me has given me a few extra yards off the tee. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him and found that he helps keep me motivated.

David Rawluk Professional Golfer

I have been working with Garrie for the last 12 weeks to improve my general fitness levels and strength. Garrie started by doing a complete analysis of my posture and going through everything from diet to my strong and weak points. He designed a specific workout routine for me which he has been updating with new exercises every week. I have noticed a huge improvement in my physical strength, flexibility and core stability, and plan to continue going in 2009!

I would highly recommend the Golf Conditioning Clinic to anyone, Garrie will work out a great routine to best suit your needs and you'll want to keep going back.

Thanks Garrie and look forward to working with you over the next few months.

Des Finn

I have been working with Garrie for over 2 months now. When I first started with Garrie he went through a full fitness analysis with me to find out what my strengths and weakness were in my body. From the results, he designed a program specifically for me. I have noticed a real improvement in my flexibility and mobility. We are now going to be incorporating more core and strength work into my routine. I would highly recommend Garrie to anyone who is looking to improve their game and who is serious about their golf.

Andy Byrne Beaverstown Golf Club 13 Handicap

I went to Garrie to improve my conditioning, and by doing so it improved my golf game substantially more than I thought it would. With my improved posture, strong core and flexibility I am now hitting the ball farther than I ever have with less effort. With this combination I am also hitting more fairways and my scores have started to tumble down. I strongly recommend at least 5 sessions with Garrie for the golfer who is serious about becoming a better player. The sessions are paying for themselves as I’m constantly winning money from all my friends.

Thanks a mill Garrie for all your help and I know this is going to be a huge success for you.

Yours sincerely,

Aengus McAllister Portmarnock Golf Club Handicap +1

My personally designed program has done wonders for my fitness and flexibility.
This has in turn helped me with my golf and I no longer feel stiff after a round of golf.
Highly recommended.

Shane Dillon 18 Handicap

Having received an advertisement slip in the door of my home referring to helping resolve lower back pain issues I was immediately interested in finding out more. I was interested because the advertisement slip came from GolfVision as I had noticed my back pain particularly after a long drive in my car or after playing a round of golf.

I set up an appointment and met with Garrie O’Neill, Golf Conditioning Specialist and Fitness Professional who set about accessing my current posture status. On completion of my posture analysis Garrie set about designing a specific exercise regime aimed at improving my flexibility for golf specific muscles, improving muscular strength and endurance, and introduced core flexibility, strength and stabilisation exercises.

Garrie has been working with me for the last 8 weeks and I have noticed a big improvement in my flexibility and endurance and can now complete a round of golf without any lower back pain. I also notice that I can exit my car at the end of a long drive without having to carefully straighten my back.
I would have no hesitation in recommending The Golf Conditioning Clinic to anybody who is having lower back problems.

Colm Moynihan 18 Handicap / Managing Director Sword Medical Limited

"Since I have started working with Garrie on my core stability and flexibility i have seen a great improvement in my golf game. My swing has improved a huge amount due to the improvement in my flexibility and general conditioning program. I believe golfers of all ages and ability would see improvement in their golf game with the help of Garrie's expertise"

Ed Martin Head Professional /Beaverstown Golf club

I met Garrie in the middle of last November, when he was organising his first session in Sutton Golf Club. For the last 3 years, before playing i have had to take medication to cope with the arthritis in my neck, spine, toes and most of all my hips, especially right hip. This dealt with the pain 98% of the time, but I had lost confidence in turning into my right hip on the back swing. I now know that using my core was nowhere near strong enough to compensate.

Would working with Garrie aggravate the condition? There was a genuine fear that my body might break down completely. I discussed the matter with my physio, chiropractor and G.P and received unanimous advice – Go for it.

First session class with Garrie was in December and 5 minutes into the class having been introduced to the joys of the bridge, plank and prone cobra I was asking myself some serious questions. Christmas was a bit of a disruption but on the 8th of January i started to take it more serious and since then I have been exercising 6 days a week for 45minutes a day. I am also in the middle of the 3rd set of sessions with Garrie and since January the back has been particularly well behaved, I have increased my swing speed from 97 mph to 102 mph, the swing is much more stable and the core feels much stronger. The end product is that playing golf is much more enjoyable.

Thank you Garrie for all the help, advice and encouragement.

Michael Hanway European Teachers Golf Federation (ETGF) Sutton Golf Club

I have been attending Garrie's training sessions for 3 months, fortnightly and following his programme of exercises. He runs a highly professional programme to suit the ability of his clients'.I have found his programme has improved considerably my bodies mobility in relation to my golf swing. I have added considerably to my distance (30 yards to my drive) and accuracy of direction in golf shots.

Alan.P. Dillon Kileen Castle G.C.

I started a golf fitness class with Garrie at the start of May. I found the mobility classes very useful and found that I was hitting the ball better. The core work I found difficult but they paid off in the end. I'm able to hit the ball much further and I find I'm not as tired coming in from 18 holes. I lost 8 shots on my handicap since I started the classes and I am sure that I'll keep losing shots if I continue the routines.


Katie Fennelly Clontarf Golf Club

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